5 Bird-Friendly Fruits to Keep your Birds Healthy

Thinking about the kinds of fruits that you could give to your birds? There are many fruits that are healthy for your ESA letter bird and most of the bird owners know about it. However, just because birds are doting feathered fruit enthusiasts, not every fruit is suitable for them. 
Below are some of the fruits that your birds absolutely love and they make them strong and happy also.

1. Bananas:
 Bananas are soft, fleshy and irresistibly delicious for many birds. The best thing about them is that they do not have big seeds like many other fruits and they are easy to chew and enjoy. Besides, your birds will have a great time playing with their peel. However, they also required an ESA letter for housing just like any other pet

2. Berries
Do you love to munch on strawberries and raspberries? Your birds love them too. Different kinds of berries are great for your birds’ palate as well as physique. While they are deliciously succulent, they are also packed with vitamins and antioxidants that are great for your birds’ health.

3. Apples:
Apples make a great treat for your birds. They are juicy and that slight crunch in their flesh increases its taste. However, make sure that you peel and deseed them before giving to your birds as apple seeds are poisonous and could harm your feathered lovelies. The emotional support letter can be useful for keeping the pet at home

4. Grapes:
Grapes are the ultimate favorites of birds and they are known to pick them over other fruits. But, an excessive amount may lead to obesity and deficiencies that may be caused by not consuming other fruits. Be watchful and give them wisely.
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5. Oranges:
Looking for a natural boose for your bird’s immune system? Feed them oranges. Citrus fruits are high on vitamin C, which is great to keep you as well as your birds healthy. These citrus treats are especially great when you know that your bird will have to face some stressful situation. Remember to remove the seeds before serving.
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